Stimulus Check Update- These States Will Be Receiving Payments

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It has been well documented that the American population has been pretty disappointed in their hopes for a federal stimulus check over the last year. With the inclusion of the American Rescue Plan Act after Joe Biden came to power, the concept of direct payments to the accounts of citizens has been dismantled. And there is more bad news to come. Due to a lack of bipartisan support, Congress will not be able to bring about another stimulus payment- even though certain Senators have pledged their support to the cause. 

Stimulus Check Payments Coming In From Multiple States

But there is some good news amidst the clouds. Despite the federal government has no propositions for a stimulus check payment, there are several states who would be issuing payments to their citizens. In the state of Colorado, the payments would be around $1,500 for those filing jointly, and a sum of $750 for those filing individually. This would be delivered to those who filed their tax returns late and by the 31st of January, they would be expected to receive the money. 

In the state of New Jersey, renters would be able to get a rent rebate of around $450, while homeowners will be able to get in payments of around $1,500. It is expected that people will receive this money by the March of 2023. For the state of South Carolina, residents would receive a stimulus check payment of $800. Now, anyone filing an extended tax return in February of 2023 will be receiving the payment in March of 2023. Those who did get their tax rebates by October 2022 will be receiving the money by the end of the year.

In California, 5% of the population still expects a Golden State stimulus check payment even though the payments have already been meted out.