Stimulus Check Update- Man Charged With Forgery

A Kahili man was recently charged with attempted theft and forgery after he swiped a stimulus check and tried to cash it in back in May 2020. On the 28th of May, 2020, Calvin F. Militante had allegedly stolen a check from the United States Treasury and tried cashing it at the Bank of Hawaii which was located at Mapunapima Place- as reported by most of the state court documents.

The next day this 44-year-old man had also tried to forge a Child Support Enforcement Agency Check under the State of Hawaii, and cash it for a sum of $1,400 at the Bank of Hawaii at Kapiolani Boulevard. 

Stimulus Check Forgery- Man Arrested On Forgery Charges

On the 3rd of May, he was then charged with a couple of counts of forgery in the second degree as well as a couple of counts of attempted theft, especially in the second degree. Since the man tried to forge a stimulus check, forgery in the second degree, as well as theft in the second degree, are usually punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

It is being reported that the bail for this Kahili man was set at $50,000. In a recent news release, Steve Alm, the Prosecuting Attorney warned the public about remaining vigilant about stimulus payment frauds

In his statement, Alm stated that with the stimulus check refunds rolling straight in, it was quite important that people be aware of the potential for forgery and theft. If one were to suspect that the refund check was stolen, they were to immediately contact the Police Department at Honolulu or the US Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration where they would have to file a report. Also, one needs to consider having their future refunds deposited straight into their bank account- rather than opting for a check. 

The stimulus check forgery case is currently being prosecuted by Thomas Michener, the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney- a member of the White Collar Crime Team of the Department.

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