Fulton Grand Jury Subpoenas Top Trump Team Including Giuliani And Eastman

Fulton Grand Jury

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump‘s attorney, the ex-New York City mayor, and a contestant at The Masked Singer, was named in a summons issued by the Fulton Grand Jury, Atlanta, which is looking into irregularities in the presidential elections in 2020. Attorney John Eastman and Senator Lindsey Graham are also on the list.

Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani and Eastman, who was responsible for devising a plot to put together an alternative electors’ slate to overturn Joe Biden’s bid are among a bunch of lawyers who have been called by the Fulton Grand Jury by next week.

Graham stands accused of placing a couple of calls to Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State in Georgia, and other staff members to seek fresh scrutiny of absentee ballots. Court documents state that it was done to check the possibility of managing a more advantageous outcome for Trump.

The Fulton Grand Jury’s criminal investigation proceedings will be separate from the January 6 Select Committee investigation into events linked to the riots at the US Capitol, and the inquiry by the Justice Department.

Fani Willis And His Team At The Fulton Grand Jury Could Bring Criminal Charges Against Trump

The subpoenas for Graham, Giuliani, and Eastman are the most prominent move in the Georgia investigation. The Fulton Grand Jury will focus on the extensive efforts by Trump’s team to rig the electoral results in the state.

Brad Raffensperger attested for long before the Fulton Grand Jury it focused on a telephone call in January 2021where the former president put pressure on state officials to turn the results in the former president’s favor.

Willis revealed last year that local prosecutors had gone for a full-fledged investigation, looking into the possibility of election fraud, conspiracy, false statements, racketeering, violence, and violations of oath of office.

The basis and the impetus for this inquiry was a telephone call from the disgraced president to Raffensperger in which he spoke of finding more votes to win the state.

Willis has spoken of deciding on whether the case merits a criminal case against the people subpoenaed.