Stimulus Check Update- Plans For Spring 2022

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

The coronavirus pandemic did result in unprecedented stimulus check payments to American workers and businesses of around trillions of dollars. The stimulus payments did come in waves, and this came all the way as the pandemic lengthened- where it almost seemed as if the government would definitely print money forever to take care of the American economy. But even as several travel restrictions and mask mandates came into place, the American recovery did enjoy a brief period of recovery. 

Several States Will Now Put Forth Stimulus Check Payments

While the federal government has decided not to issue stimulus check payments any further, quite a few states have decided to pick up the slack and have started issuing their own stimulus payments to the individuals. Although it is being understood that not all plans would be approved by the State Legislature or the State Senate, even the approval of a few plans would result in a boon for the citizens of the state.

As it stands, the state of California has already been in a position of surplus for the last couple of years, which has resulted in the benefits of the citizens. In 2021 and the early part of 2022, the state had decided to issue quite a few rounds of direct stimulus check payments to the residents, and in 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom had proposed issuing debit cards which would have the amount of $400 to help offset the rising cost of gas. Residents would definitely be receiving a single car for every card owned, but the limit would be set at $800.

In the state of Illinois, the Democrats have decided to bring out stimulus check payments that would arrive in the mailboxes of the citizens by September. This would amount to $100 per person, and $50 per child in each household. The proposal has also discussed a sum of $300 in property tax relief checks. 

In Idaho, residents would get stimulus check payments in the form of direct deposits.