Joe Biden’s Decision To Wipe Out Student Loan: Was It Illegal? Also, More About Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
Americans are spending their stimulus checks: JPMorgan

President Biden is reluctant to send out more stimulus check. Even the legislators has denied any giveaways of stimulus check from the federal government. One of the reason for this is the constantly rising inflation that might reach the sky with another payment. However, states are allowed to provide stimulus check to taxpayers as tax rebates.

Following President Biden’s declaration that he would take unilateral action to cancel certain student loan debt, new legal issues have emerged. Questions concerning the legitimacy of executive action to cancel student loans have been raised for months as the student loan debate has raged. The Biden administration concluded they had the legal right to waive loan payments unilaterally and without congressional consent. Now that conservatives and even moderates are outraged about the idea of forgiving student loans, Biden’s legal right to do so will undoubtedly be contested.

Therefore, whether Biden has the legal right to cancel student loans will become very important for the millions of borrowers that student loans touch.

Joe Biden’s Student Loan: More Update On Stimulus Check

A national emergency or a war? For the COVID pandemic, then-President Trump issued a national emergency declaration in 2020 that is still in effect today. Biden thinks that Trump’s still-standing emergency proclamation qualifies under the HEROES Act. The argument is original and upbeat. Not everyone shares this outlook.

Charlie Rose, a former adviser to Obama’s department of education, doubts the validity of Biden’s forgiveness proposal. “If the matter is contested, the more persuasive analysis tends to back up the finding that the Executive Branch likely does not possess the unilaterally power to engage in mass college debt cancellation,” wrote Rose in a secret memo that the Wall Street Journal was able to access.

The HEROES Act of 2003 is what Biden and his Justice Department are counting on to forgive loans. In times of national emergency, “when significant steps with potentially far-reaching implications are typically required,” the HEROES Act of 2003 grants the administration “sweeping authority” to lower or cancel student loan debt, according to The Associated Press.