Stimulus Check: Section Of Washington Residents Approach City Council

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Washington residents denied the third stimulus check and continue to be hurt because of the economic downturn, have approached the Washington City Council for aid under the Rescue Plan.

The residents want the city council to distribute part of the $1.08M the city received from the federal administration. They have requested that $1,400 stimulus checks be sent to each resident of Washington who did not receive their third stimulus check. The US census data reveals that around 140 residents would be eligible for the stimulus check and the total expenditure outlay would come to around $200,000.

The group met with Jaron Rosien, the city’s mayor, and other members of the city council, including Deanna McCusker, Administrator, Council Members Illa Earnest, Millie Youngquist, and Bethany Glinsmann, the incoming Member of the Council.

The Residents Have Appealed For Immediate Stimulus Checks For People Who Have Been Double Hit By The Pandemic

David Goodner of the Catholic Worker House of Iowa told Earnest and Youngquist that Washington could duplicate the system followed in Johnson County. They said that Washington could replicate the application system for worker fund that was followed in Jackson and apply it with one change. It could help people who have been victims of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

People who were laid off during the pandemic and also did not receive the third stimulus check should be the first to get it, the group said.

Earnest said that she, along with Youngquist, was aware of the significance of their decision on the ARPA amount, and they had considered it seriously. Around $300,000 of the ARPA funds remain with Washington.

The group said that essential workers could also be given premium pay. Thus far, the fund has been used on sewer and water infrastructure, and equipment upgrades in the law enforcement department.

The group said that the administration first needs to prioritize to help out multiple administrators.

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