Emma Raducanu Shares Her Experience of Winning The US Open

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu

The young tennis champ Emma Radcanu said that the prize money £1.8m she won would be sorted by her parents. In the US Open, Emma Raducanu showed her beautiful skills and won the match. She said she is yet to check if the prize money has been credited to her account or not. 

Raducanu explained that getting a hefty sum feels good, but that is not why she plays tennis. Although she knows how much money goes into it. She is thinking about spending the money on her future tennis expenses.

What Emma Raducanu Did To Celebrate

Getting asked about her experience of her win on Saturday, she said she enjoyed the tune of Sweet Caroline the most that accompanied her from Arthur Ashe stadium to the journey to the hotel. She enjoyed her moment by just singing to the music. She also explained how much she wanted different events like the Met Gala, where she met Lewis Hamilton. 

Emma Raducanu celebrated her win with her family after she came back on Thursday. She said it was not an over-the-top celebration, just her family and some homemade dumplings. She also rewatched her winning match and said it was more trembling than playing. Watching yourself doing what you love the most makes you feel different, and that is precisely what she felt while rewatching her match. She said it was more stressful than it shows on the television, but she felt proud. 

In the interview, Emma Raducanu explained the rumors that have been spreading. The story was that she and the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, are on the same flight as preplanned. The young 18-year Raducanu said she had no idea about her being on the same flight. She also revealed her discussion with prime minister  Boris Johnson about ensuring a boost for future tennis participants. 

The trophy is currently in the shipping process, and Emma Raducanu plans to display it in her home, on a shelf to get more inspired by it. She said that the trophy would make her remember that she has to outdo herself to keep moving forward. 

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