Succession Premieres For Third Season


Succession premiered for the third season recently. The current season has been hyped up for a long time. The fans were waiting for the release since it was announced. The wait is finally over with the season airing its initial episodes. The premiere gives us a sneak peek at what to expect from the entire season. 

If the first episodes were to be believed, the season is all set to enthrall the audiences. The season centers around the concept that possession of a lot of money is not always fun. The series portrays the extreme negatives of being rich. Let us know more about the season in detail below. 

Succession Makes Big Promise With Initial Episodes 

Kendall Roy is the lead character of the recently released HBO series. The character is marvelously portrayed by Jeremy Strong. He plays the role of a media billionaire. The series shows Kendall asking his brother Roman whether he is real or not. This particular phrase has a huge significance as it is considered to be an insult throughout the series. 

The main theme of the show is to convey the message that being rich does not guarantee happiness. Succession shows that the super-wealthy people lead a life very much different from the rest. The difference is so massive that it appears as if they are a different species altogether.

Succession Season Three starts exactly from where the previous season ended. The awe-inspiring press conference from Kendall Roy happened 735 days prior. The conference enlightened on Logan’s scandal in the cruise of Waystar Royco. The new episode shows Logan and his allies are desperately trying to evade the allegations. While back at home, Kendall seems to hit a dead end. The first episodes have been quite fantastic. Fans should be excited for the entire season three of Succession to drop on the network. 


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