Philadelphia 76ers Holding On To Ben Simmons

DeAnthony Melton

Philadelphia 76ers is one of the best basketball teams in the United States Of America. The team plays its professional league in the NBA. This team was initially founded in the year 1946 and was previously known as Syracuse Nationals. The team boasts of a number of trophies and is aiming to add to the tally yet again. 

In order to win the championship, the teams need to be at their best. Thus, the Philadelphia 76ers seemed reluctant to let go of Ben Simmons. He was spotted to be practicing along with his fellow teammates from Philadelphia. However, as per reports, Simmons no longer wants to play for the club. Let us learn in detail about the incident below. 

Philadelphia 76ers Continue To Detain Simmons 

Ben Simmons has been one of the mainstays for Philadelphia. He has provided the team with a number of great performances. The team relies heavily on Ben for producing match-winning knocks. However, the sweet relationship between the two has seemed a bit off recently. The star athlete has expressed his desire to leave the club soon. He has clearly stated that he wanted to explore new opportunities. 

Unfortunately, the team is not on the same page as Simmons. They wanted him to stay and did not allow him to get released. This became more evident when Ben Simmons was spotted at the practice of the Philadelphia 76ers. The team wanted to make it look like a casual affair. It seemed as if Ben returned from a regular injury. 

Ben Simmons had a meeting with his teammates after a long time. Simmons had already made a demand for transfer. The team must understand the needs of its players. Philadelphia 76ers should be more tactical in dealing with athletes in the near business.