Vanessa Bryant Asked To Consult Psychiatrist

Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant is the wife of the deceased athlete Kobe Bryant. Kobe was one of the most gifted athletes in NBA history. He had a decorated career and spent all of his career at the Los Angeles Lakers. In the most unfortunate manner, Bryant passed away at the young age of forty-one. He died unexpectedly in a helicopter crash along with his little daughter Gianna.

In a recent incident, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife, was asked to consult a psychiatrist. In a legal battle, Vanessa stated that she was emotionally devastated. She held leaked pictures of the crash site as the reason for her distress. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Vanessa Bryant In Emotional Turmoil 

The wife of late athlete Kobe Bryant is said to be undergoing emotional turmoil. Some pictures of the crashed helicopter had been leaked recently. Vanessa stated that those pictures caused her extreme mental trauma. It made her remember the horrific incident which made her emotionally unstable. She sued the county for displaying the pictures at a bar. 

Vanessa filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s department. The advocate of Vanessa stated that those pictures have caused his client to experience emotional trauma. He also stated that the pictures haunted her with the horrific memory where she lost her husband and daughter. 

The county was quick to come up with a defense. They advised Vanessa to consult a quality psychiatrist. They asked to confirm the root cause of her trauma. The county believed that Vanessa Bryant experienced mental distress due to the actual crash. They argued that the pictures cannot cause her mental trauma as they were never seen before. 

All in all, the legal suit between Vanessa Bryant and the county seems to intensify. The hearing is scheduled to take place in the coming month. Let us wait and watch which way things take their turn.  


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