‘Superbad’ Fans Commemorate the 40th Birthday of Seth Rogen’s McLovin


The creator of the character of McLovin in 2007 famous comedy Seth Rogen wishes the actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse on ‘his’ birthday. The character turned 40 on the 3rd of June. Rogen shared a picture of the driving license belonging to the character. The birthdate mentioned in the driving license is that of 3rd June 1981 which the creator jokes about turning forty with his actor. The Superbad creator even goes on to brag about their younger days through his post. 

Fans seem super obsessed with the character of McLovin even after so many years. Once the post was shared by Seth Rogen on one of his social media handles, various other posts from the fans started to surface online. Not just on Twitter, but Wikipedia also acknowledges the birthday of the famous Superbad character McLovin. 

One of the fans added the character’s birthday to the list of the esteemed June 3rd birthdays. The list includes the likes of tennis ace Rafael Nadal and the first lady of America Dr. Jill Biden. Wikipedia however took it down after a while. However, the actor who essayed the role of McLovin in Superbad Christopher Mintz-Plasse seemed missing from the picture.

Seth Rogen’s Superbad Was Iconic

The coming of the age teen comedy film stars Jonah Hill and Micheal Cera as Seth and Evan. They are two teenagers who are about to graduate from high school and going to separate colleges. The boys initially want to party and let loose before they part their ways. But their plan eventually proved to be harder than they expected. Creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg loosely based Superbad on their own experience in high school during the 1990s. They started developing the script when both of them were only 13 years old. Superbad can now be streamed on Netflix.