Supplemental Security Income Stimulus check schedule: Recipients To Get Two Benefit Stimulus Checks

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Unless the first of the month comes on a weekend or holiday, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) stimulus checks are normally deposited at the beginning of each month. SSI beneficiaries will get two stimulus check payments in the next month, under the Social Security Administration’s timetable of Social Security benefits for 2023.

If you got these benefits before to May of ‘97 or are receiving both SSI and social security, you will get payments on March 3 for Social Security and March 1 and March 31 for SSI.

Due to a glitch in the repayment plan, SSI recipients receive two stimulus check payments in the months of June, March, December, and September but none in the months of April, July, October and also January. When the beginning of a month falls on a weekend or a holiday, this occurs. The added sum might be viewed as a payment credit you will get in the coming month.

The SSA recommends waiting three extra postal days if you don’t get your payment by the scheduled date before calling Social Security. If you have a bank transfer, you can anticipate receiving your stimulus check money on the anticipated date, albeit your bank’s policies may apply.

Stimulus Check Money Update:

Benefits are given to lower income Social Security claimants with disabilities under the needs-based SSI program. The program is governed by the SSA, and to qualify for SSI, you must fulfill the requirements listed below.

  • Be 65 years old or older
  • Have medical conditions
  • Partially or completely blind

The SSA subtracts countable earned and unearned income from the max federal benefit money to determine your federal SSI benefit amount. The max monthly payment for a qualified individual in 2023 is nine hundred and fourteen dollars, for a qualified couple it is $1,371, and for an important person it is $458. The yearly COLAs, which are based on inflation, affect the maximum SSI payment. The 8.7% Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment rise is what will cause the 2023 hike.





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