Susan Collins Gave Confirmation After She Voted For Ketanji

Susan Collins
Susan Collins

There has been news that Sen. Susan Collins, a member of the Republican, will vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson, the nominee for the Supreme Court. The vote given by Susan Collins will confirm Ketanji, the nominee of Joe Biden, to the highest position of the Supreme Court. 

The Vote Of Susan Collins Made Ketanji The Associate Justice

Susan Collins reviewed the record of Ketanji and watched her hearing and testimony carefully. She even met her twice personally and then concluded that Ketanji has enough qualifications, integrity, and experience to be in the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Thus, in a statement, she said that she will cast her vote for Ketanji to confirm her new position. 

The confirmation of Jackson was known to all and this statement just made it more true. The vote from Susan Collins came right after Sen. Joe Manchin of the Democratic party gave his vote for Ketanji. However, the confirmation after Collins’s vote will mean that it is bipartisan. Susan Collins met Jackson personally to get explanations on some important issues and after the meeting, her mind was set. 

The media forced Collins to reveal facts about the meeting to which she gave a vague answer. Collins stated that she went to get clarifications on issues that every people think needs justification. In 2021, Ketanji was offered to fill a vacancy on an Appellate court that was based in DC and in that regard, only three Republican members voted in her favor namely, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, and Collins. 

The status of Graham and Murkowski is still unknown regarding the voting for Jackson, however, Graham stated that he will reveal his decision by this week. Sen. Mitt Romney, the GOP, also had a meeting with Ketanji this Tuesday and still did not comment anything about his decision.