Lindsey Graham Plans To Investigate Obama During Virus Pandemic

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that he would start to investigate Obama’s monitoring of Mike Flynn.

Graham stated, “Seems to me, there’s a tale of two FBIs here. The FBI agents that we all admire in the field office, and this hit squad that McCabe and Comey put together operating out of the seventh floor. I want to know why Flynn was being surveilled by the Obama administration, to begin with. You know, the Obama administration is surveilling the National Security Adviser of the president-elect. What the hell was that all about?”

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Graham has bet everything on the well known Obama/Flynn conservative conspiracy theory. Graham and others helpfully forget about the reality that Flynn was illegally campaigning for the Turkish government. There is a basic motivation behind why Flynn was being viewed. He was occupied with criminal behavior.

Trump’s dream to cause the Russia embarrassment to leave doesn’t work if Flynn was accomplishing something incorrectly, so Republicans are only disregarding the wrongdoing part and concentrating on the connivance.

Trump and Graham are so desperate to explore the body of evidence against Mike Flynn in light of the fact that they are attempting to dishonor the Russian embarrassment before the political race.

Obama cautioned Trump not to recruit Flynn, but Trump ignored him, and now Lindsey Graham is attempting to conceal Trump’s guiltiness and inadequacy with an examination concerning Obama.