Susan Collins Supports Senator Mitt Romney

Susan Collins
Susan Collins

Susan Collins, the Senator, gave a statement on how she felt following the derogatory act towards Mitt Romney, another Senator. Romney had been subjected to that behavior by the members belonging to the Republican party of his state. The reason for this was because he had cast his votes for the conviction of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. This took place during the trials of the former President with regard to his impeachment. The Utah Senator had given the argument that the GOP cannot be led by a single person.

Susan Collins, On The Service Of Romney  

Susan Collins praised the defamed Senator at one of the news channel platforms. It was stated that Romney was one of the extraordinary Senators of the country. It was also said that he never held himself back in providing his service to the country as well as his state. 

The Utah Republican praised by Susan Collins was booed this Saturday. It was done on the eve of the organizing convention of the Republican party of Utah. Romney managed to get saved from getting censured by the party of his state with the help of an extremely narrow vote. He was almost made pay for his actions in the impeachment trial of the former President. This can be considered as one of the latest examples of the control and influence that Donald Trump has over the Republican party. 

At present, the party is trying to make its best decisions on how to march forward in the midst of the era of Joe Biden, the President of the country. Nobody is aware of the candidate that was voted by the Maine Senator, Susan Collins, in the 2020 Presidential elections. However, she cleared out the fact that the GOP is far from being a party that is influenced by one member.