Tottenham Vs Liverpool: Liverpool Is Back To The League With 3-1 Win


Finally, Liverpool ends its long winless run in the Premier League with a marvelous 3-1 victory over Tottenham. Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and Trent Alexander-Arnold brought the victory to Liverpool with their amazing performance. The Tottenham Vs Liverpool match was really a game-changer as Liverpool is back to its form after the long course of defeat. It brings Liverpool to the top four teams in the Premier League.

The Tottenham Vs Liverpool Match Was A Game Changer

After Tottenham Vs Liverpool ended in a win for Liverpool, it brings them to fourth place in the league. Tottenham’s Hojbjerg scored one goal for the team when the match was hanging in 2-1. Mane scored the third goal for Liverpool bringing them a grand victory. The ankle injury of Harry Kane was certainly concerning for the Tottenham team. Kane has an injury in both of his ankles. Due to the injury of midfielder Jordan Henderson, the team placed him at the center back. Joel Matip was also down at halftime with an ankle injury. When asked about their recent defeat, Tottenham’s Mourinho commented that it was nothing new and they were just facing the circumstances of the player’s mistakes.

Mourinho also says that it is quite hard to accept the loss but the team has to move on. The game could take a different shape if Son was not offside when Kane released him before his score. Tottenham showed a silver lining when Hojbjerg went for a powerful shot. While the team still wishes to make a comeback in the league, the chances of that may depend on the recovery of Kane. When Kane departed with his injury, Liverpool seemed to be more convinced for the win.

The victory of Liverpool in the Tottenham Vs Liverpool match is certainly a blessing for the team. It brings the team above West Ham whom they are going to face in the match on Sunday.

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