Susan Rice Affirms That Biden Will Improve Equity And Racial Justice

Susan Rice
Susan Rice

Susan Rice, who was the former national security adviser for President Obama, is now the domestic policy advisor in President Biden’s office.

According to Rice, President Biden will soon take necessary actions to improve racial justice and equity across America. Rice believes that focusing on these issues will strengthen the overall economic growth of the United States. She made a brief discussion about the agenda on Tuesday before Biden moved forward to sign a set of administrative actions.

Susan Rice Explains Biden’s Memorandum

According to Rice, an administrative team has been established to take the agenda forward which will facilitate equity for common men in America. Biden will soon make actions to give direction to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The chief motive behind this agenda is to solve issues relating to racial discrimination.

According to Rice, many federal housing policies are actually impacted by racial discrimination which must be ended. President Biden will also sign an order to end the utilization of private prisons by the Justice Department. Biden is also going to handle matters related to Tribal sovereignty to improve the relationships between nations.

While explaining the president’s upcoming agenda, Susan Rice said that the President will take measures to improve racial justice, especially for the Native community. According to Rice, Biden will benefit many communities that have faced years of discrimination and injustice. She also adds that investing for equity in backward communities will improve overall economic growth which will eventually create employment for Americans.

Rice believes that strong unity can help in America’s overall improvement. Biden’s upcoming programs will be beneficial for many marginalized communities like Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, religious minorities, disabled people, and people who are affected by poverty and deprivation.

Susan Rice confirmed that the development of equity and racial justice is the focus of Biden’s agenda. She adds that a fair system of equity will certainly strengthen America’s economy at large.

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