Billie Eilish Poses Stunningly Alongside Kate Middleton

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has always been known for her styling choices. She has once again grabbed eyeballs by stylishly posing in front of the camera. The outcome was iconic. The photographs of Eilish always come out the best. Eilish was invited to the special screening of the upcoming James Bond movie. A big surprise was waiting for the star at the premieres. She met Kate Middleton, the Cambridge Duchess! Both women seemed equally excited to meet each other. Let us dive in to know more details about the incident below. 

Billie Eilish’s Date With The Duchess

Several famous personalities were invited to the premiere show of No Time To Die. Eilish has sung the theme song of the movies which is expected to be a hit. However, no one expected Kate to show up at the Royal Albert Hall. 

It is a common occurrence for the royal members to attend the screening of Bond. The main reason for doing so is that 007 is the ideal British icon. Taking a leaf out of the huge success of Skyfall, the latest movie also focuses on the theme music. The theme of Skyfall went viral and was sung beautifully by Adele. Billie Eilish was spotted having a long discussion with Middleton. However, the outcome or the topic was undisclosed. Fans believe Eilish will surely reveal the contents in her next public appearance. 

Billie Eilish spoke about the composition of the song as well. She stated that Finneas, her brother, had helped her a lot with the composition. Finneas is also a well-known songwriter. The duo chose to wear black for the evening. The release of the new Bond movie has been repeatedly delayed due to pandemics. The film is expected to hit the theatres soon.