Suspected Sex Trafficking Matt Gaetz Says Makes Obnoxious Remarks About Women

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, under investigation for sex trafficking, made hateful comments about women, commenting that only ugly people support abortion, women who are 5 foot 2 inches and weigh 350 pounds.

The Congressman from Florida rhetorically asked a teenage group gathering at the Turning Point US Student Action Summit in Florida whether they had watched the pro-murder and pro-abortion rallies. He went on to say that the people there are disgusting, and possess a low chance of getting pregnant. He said that nobody would want to impregnate such women who resemble a ‘thumb’

Matt Gaetz continued his hateful tirade and said that such people are completely odious, are 5’ 2”, and weigh 350 pounds. He said such women make up pro-abortion protest marches. He was cheered on by the equally loathsome crowd.

Matt Gaetz Under Investigation For Sex Trafficking

Matt Gaetz concluded that such women need to march to get into shape and take to salads. His remarks drew widespread condemnation on various social media though he has the backing of a party led by another sex offender who is also a former president.

Most journalists and commentators shared his speech as a prime example of misogyny. He has been caught up in a shameful controversy since 2021 after NYT revealed that the Republican was under investigation for sex trafficking involving a 17-year-old.

The investigation against Matt Gaetz was started during Donald Trump’s presidency and was part of another investigation of another Republican Representative, Joel Greenberg, who has already pleaded to sexual offenses.

The investigation against Matt Gaetz pertains to his having paid to have sex with a juvenile girl. He even paid to have her accompany him across multiple states, an act that is considered trafficking under American federal law.

Gaetz has allegedly been a habitual offender who has regularly paid to have sex in places that he has visited. He has also been accused by Greenberg of indulging in sexual offenses and having paid sex on several occasions.