Matt Gaetz Is Being Investigated For Committing Sex Crimes

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Rep. Marjorie Taylor, recently accused some members of the Republicans of committing the crime of ‘pedophile’, while defending one of close her close friends who has been accused of sex crimes with minors. There is an investigation going on against Rep. Matt Gaetz by the Federal authorities regarding his connection with obstruction of justice, sex trafficking, and a sexual relationship with a minor who was 17 years old and paid for sex.

Marjorie Taylor Took A Stand For Matt Gaetz While Calling Other ‘Pro-pedophile’

All the above-mentioned allegations have been denied by Floridian Rep. Matt Gaetz. As per Greene, she and Matt Gaetz do not talk much at present about all the accusations, however, in her opinion, he did not commit such crimes as stated. The two Republicans have even participated in a fundraiser together and went all over the country for a rally with Donald Trump, the former President of America.  

Greene stated that she does not think that Matt Gaetz has committed those offenses as till now no women publicly came out and spoke against him. She also added that the accusations are having no negative impact on him as he still gets huge support from his district in Florida. 

However, in the past, Greene has used the word ‘pro-pedophile’ for a lot of her fellow Republican members like Susan Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney. Her use of such words against them is only for the fact that they voted for Ketanji Brown Jackson, a nominee of the Supreme Court by Joe Biden

Some of the critics have considered the attack on Greene as an appeal to the conspiracy movement QAnon, where the member believe that elites of Democrats run a network of child trafficking. In response to her post, Collins replied that there is nothing more to be expected of her as her claim is typical and ludicrous. Walt Disney was also given the title of ‘pro-child predator’ for talking against the education bill in Florida.