Adam Levine’s New Song Features His Wife And Their 2 Daughters

Adam Levine
Adam Levine

Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine’s wife, and their two children, Gio Grace, 5, and Dusty Rose, 6, make unexpected cameos in the brand-new Maroon 5 music video for the track “Middle Ground.”

The family appears to be having a great time together in the May 23 release of the video. Laughing and joking with Levine and his fellow musicians at a picnic table, Prinsloo first appears in the clip. Prinsloo might be seen sitting on her husband’s knee in other instances.

Adam Levine and Victoria’s Secret model are relaxing in a hammock together as their exuberant daughters start climbing all over them. 

Adam Levine Shares A Glimpse Of His Family Life 

The girls may also be spotted outdoors blowing bubbles and sitting next to their mother to watch Maroon 5 perform. The photo-sharing spree by Prinsloo on May 9 on Instagram of Levine, their kids, and their third child—who was born earlier this year—as they enjoyed a beach vacation—came only two weeks before the release of the video.

On January 30, sources verified the baby’s birth to NBC News. When a model purportedly confessed in a since-deleted TikTok video she and the artist had an affair, citing apparently private texts exchanged between the two to support her claims, Levine found himself at the center of an infidelity controversy in September 2022. On September 20, the “Girls Like You” singer acknowledged the claims, saying that his online activity with other women had “crossed the line.” The remark has since disappeared from his Instagram story. I made a mistake by flirtatiously speaking with anyone besides my wife, according to Levine.

The Grammy Award winner denied engaging in an affair but admitted that his internet activity in a “regrettable period” of his adult life had been “unfit.” Fans were informed by the artist that “pro-active steps” had been made to “remedy” the problem with his family. In addition, he called himself “naive and stupid” for putting Prinsloo’s marriage in danger.

“I take full responsibility,” Adam Levine said in defense. “We shall overcome it. And together, we shall overcome this.