Timothy Parlatore, Ex-Trump Lawyer, Talks About Infighting In Legal Team

Timothy Parlatore

Timothy Parlatore, a former attorney employed by Donald Trump, said on May 20th that there was too much infighting within the group. This is the reason why he departed from the legal team of the former President earlier in the previous week.

Timothy Parlatore Explosive With His Statement

While speaking with a CNN correspondent, Timothy Parlatore explained that his departure had no relation to the client or the case. He continued by clarifying that the actual reason was some individuals who were making it more difficult to defend the former president than what it should have been.

Parlatore then names Boris Esphetyn and someone who did everything in his power to block them, and what they could do for the former president’s defense. As such, a Trump spokesperson replied by stating the discontinuation of Timothy Parlatore as part of the ex-President’s legal team. Thus, whatever he states regarding the members that are present is unfounded as well as categorically false.

Timothy Parlatore was one of the more important factors during the documents investigation carried out at Mar-a-Lago. He also set up further searches for more documents that are classified in the previous year at a storage unit in Florida and other properties of Trump.

Parlatore, further, gave a testimonial to a grand jury regarding the case of Mar-a-Lago since the DOJ and the team of Trump were caught up in a dispute. The dispute was over the DOJ’s unsuccessful attempt to get contempt orders for Donald Trump for not handing over every classified document following the issuance of the May 2022 subpoena.

On May 20th, Timothy Parlatore added that Epshteyn was like a filter that prevented the team from informing the client. He thinks that Epshteyn was not quite honest with either the client or the team regarding certain subjects.