Sydney Sweeney Starring In Barbarella Movie For Sony: Everything Fans Should Know

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney

Sony is now developing a new Barbarella, a reboot of the 1968 hit. As per reports so far Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria will play a significant part both behind and in front of the screen.

Jean-Claude Forest created Barbarella. back then it was a character for French comics first. The comic was among the scarce first “adult” comics, and was created during the Sexual Revolution of that time. Equal in nature and viewed at the period as excessive in its portrayal of sex, the Barbarella movie was provocative. In the story, Jane Fonda’s character Barbarella, an agent of the United Earth administration, is dispatched to defeat the villainous researcher Durand Durand (Milo O’Shea), who already has developed a weapon that contains the potential to wipe out civilization. Although Barbarella was well-liked by viewers and later turned into a classic film, efforts to have remakes, tele series and sequel stagnated throughout the years – that is, until Sony’s version proceeded ahead.

Sydney Sweeney Might Be Starring In A Reboot Of 1968 Hit Barbarella:

Sydney Sweeney will play the title character in the upcoming Sony Pictures film Barbarella, and she’ll also serve as a producer as well, as per Deadline. Sydney Sweeney, who has previously been connected to Sony’s Madame Web, has recently been involved with a number of Sony initiatives. Sydney Sweeney will produce and feature in the movie The Registration, which the business just purchased the rights to. The story’s specifics are still a mystery, as well as the movie lacks a screenwriter or director. The announcement of Sweeney’s casting marks the first regarding this version of the movie, since the last effort at a fresh Barbarella production was made for television over a decade ago.