Tabitha Brown Takes Down Wendy Williams: Fans Hail The ‘Queen’

Tabitha Brown
Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown was hailed by her fans who called her a ‘Queen’ for her restrained censure of Wendy Williams. The TV host had earlier criticized the influencer and actor about her relationship with her husband and his retirement decision.

Tabitha Brown, the winner of the Outstanding Social Media Personality, released a video this weekend on social media informing her followers that she had allowed Chance, her husband to retire from the LAPD as a result of her incredible success in her career.

Brown said that her husband had done his part and it was time he had a chance to dream again. But Wendy Williams had seen it differently. She has equated Tabitha Brown’s decision with her relationship with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, whom she married in 1997.

She felt that giving in to her husband’s dreams had only made things go from bad to worse in her case. He had invested in wrong ventures and that had finally come to haunt her. And finally, Williams was blamed for telling her husband to quit his job. Williams and Hunter filed for separation in 2019 after he had an affair and a child with another woman.

Tabitha Brown Gently Differs With Wendy Williams

Tabitha Brown was incredibly gentle in her reply. She said that she and her husband had been with her for 23 years and they had tasted success only in the last couple of years. The Chi actress clarified that her husband took up the police job to support her career and it was her turn now to support him in his dreams.

She said that they had believed in each other and had struggled for the last decade and a half. She had faced rejection in the industry and her husband had been at her side always. Tabitha Brown hoped that Williams would find love as strong as she had. She said that she no longer wanted her husband to risk his life regularly. Brown was praised for her measured and gentle reply

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