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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hopes For The End Of The Constitution 

The Constitution termination was asked for by Donald Trump who is the former President to reverse the election of 2020 and put himself in...
Georgia Senate

Georgia Senate: Early Voting Sees More New Voters

New records have been set by Georgia for holding early voting. Both the candidates of the Georgia Senate bombard the state ahead of the...

Argentina To Play At The Quarterfinals of World Cup

Argentina players applauded their win at the gates of the quarterfinals of the World Cup as they pushed Lionel Messi to the center of...
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Of $4000 To Come In Couple Of Days

Submission of applications to crack the eligibility of stimulus check-like financial assistance leaves the Jacksonville, Florida residents with just a couple of days. The...
Stimulus Check

December 2022 Stimulus Checks From Several States: Festive Season Payments Come In Handy For...

Over 20 states out of the 50 US states have sent states stimulus checks to residents in 2022. Though the state stimulus checks are...