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Despite coming such a long way in learning, teaching, and parenting, failure among students is still common and considered a curse. Whenever a rumor...
Leadership Skills

The Importance of Imparting Leadership Skills to Students

They say, "Leaders are born." While this proverb carries great significance, it is not altogether true. The thing is, influential leaders can be created...
Stimulus Check

State Stimulus Checks Continue To Go Out: New $450 Payment For Families With Children

States have stepped in to take the lead on stimulus checks even as federal funding dries up. Politics remains mired in partisanship in Washington...
Matt Gaetz

Suspected Sex Trafficking Matt Gaetz Says Makes Obnoxious Remarks About Women

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, under investigation for sex trafficking, made hateful comments about women, commenting that only ugly people support abortion, women who are...
Economic Competition

Executive Order Signed By President Biden Encourages Economic Competition Among Companies

Part of President Biden's economic plan to help the US recover from the after-effects of the pandemic includes plans to encourage healthy economic competition...