Larry Nassar’s Debts Uncleared Despite Spending Thousands

Larry Nassar
Larry Nassar

Larry Nassar has reportedly spent thousands of bucks while in prison. He had already deposited a fine of $12000 but reports suggest he is still not clear. Nassar was a former doctor. He worked with the Gymnast team of the USA. Despite spending a hefty sum of money, he is due for more. According to reports, he still owes a staggering amount of money to his victims. 

Larry Nassar To Pay $58000 More As Compensation

The former doctor of the Gymnast team of the USA will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. He has been asked to serve 175 years in jail. Larry was accused of a serious charge and was proven guilty. The former doctor was accused of sexual harassment. 

Larry was first out behind the bars in 2017. He was found to be guilty of possessing pictures of sexual child abuse. He was initially sentenced to 60years of imprisonment. However, the following year, more serious allegations came up. He was said to sexually assault ten minor females. 

The court had fined him an amount of $62488.52 out of which he paid $300. He still has a backlog of $58000. Nassar owes the money to five of the girls that he misbehaved with. Nassar seemed to fight his case with great intensity. He has hired three lawyers by now and has dismissed all of them. He represents himself at the court of law currently. 

Larry Nassar is required to pay the sufferers their entitled compensation. The courts hold all the details of his account. His current inmate balance is said to be recorded at $2041.57. Larry has also received Stimulus Checks amounting to $2000 from the government. The Checks received were $1400 & $600 respectively. No statements from the court officials have yet been received.