Investigation Of Larry Nassar Results In Another Blowback For The FBI

Larry Nassar
Larry Nassar

There was intense criticism from the inspector general of the Department of Justice, regarding Larry Nassar, a former gymnastics doctor in the USA. The sharp criticism was due to the mishandling of the case which was about sexual abuse. This marked a series of failures for the FBI and a major source of embarrassment for the organization. This can also be seen to have a larger impact on the bureau at large.

The report about Larry Nassar came after a series of controversies within the FBI. The controversies were a result of the incompetent investigation about the connections between the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and the Russians. It occurred when there were instances of falsification of information within a surveillance warrant that was directed towards a campaign aide for Trump. For the DOJ, the report brings out questions regarding the department’s perspective towards investigations that are concerned with sex abuse. 

Why Larry Nassar Was The Reason For The FBI To Be Criticized Heavily

Since the last few years, the Republicans and the ex-President have targeted the FBI claiming that it was biased against Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of child trafficking and was seen to have poor judgment being passed by the prosecutors. However, the insights from the case report of Larry Nassar indicate that despite the change in administration, the FBI would not escape from a pattern, indicating broader cultural problems in the bureau.

In the case of Larry Nassar, there have been questions raised by the critics as to why the DOJ disallowed the prosecution of two FBI agents. The agents were accused of violating policies at the FBI. A documentation of an attempted coverup was apparent in the report that was released on Wednesday by the inspector general. Despite Nassar pleading guilty, the investigation of the case is seen as a shame for the FBI.