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Joe Biden

Joe Biden Gearing Up To Implement New Gun Laws In The State

The incidents of mass shootings are rapidly increasing in the states, recent shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. And in an LGTBQ club in...
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Celebrated Friendsgiving With Inmates

Kim Kardashian has been the talk of the town for almost a decade. She has been criticized in every possible way for wishing to...

Thanksgiving 2022 Started with A Tragedy

Thanksgiving is supposed to bring all the families and friends together and celebrate. Thanksgiving is celebrated across America and Europe, in order to pay...
Jackie Walorski congress

The New Congress Represents Women’s Empowerment

Many talented ladies across the states have been selected to serve in congress. Not because the patriarchal society gives space to showcase themselves but...
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check 2022: Last Chance To Claim Your Payments

The last extended date for claiming stimulus checks was the 17th of November. This was the only chance for many to claim their money....