Predictions For Gaming In 2022

online gaming
online gaming

Last year has brought many innovations in the gaming industry and adapted to the current state of the pandemic. Although it changed the concept of work and socializing, pandemic brought gamers closer together, allowing them to stay in touch no matter the situation, and also meet new people. It is one of the reasons the gaming community has become more diverse. Children and teenagers are not the only targeted customers. There were 3.24 billion gamers worldwide at the end of last year and are expected to grow immensely.

Making games more smartphone and tablet friendly, the number of women in the industry has gone through the roof creating more space for female gamers and their interests. The versatility of players and the enthusiasm to integrate video gaming into other industries lead to new trends for the year 2022. Let’s take a look at the most influential trends in gaming predicted to significantly change the industry.


After Zuckerberg’s announcement that they are introducing a whole new concept, the Metaverse, the public is closely waiting to see what it will bring to the table. It will give a new meaning to social interaction. This idea will blur out the border between video gaming and social platforms. It is highly probable that many projects will pop up offering not so much game but a virtual space for users to hang out. However, something similar already exists such as Fortnite and Minecraft. A 3D space that offers gaming and non-gaming features to a player. Still, the interest in the concept started with the introduction of Facebook’s Meta. We are still waiting on the Metaverse but it is worth the wait. The experience seems to be like nothing else yet.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

While we wait for the Metaverse to be fully active, the popularity of AR and VR is here to stay in the new year. Virtual and augmented reality are still successful in giving the best experience in gaming. Developers are creating one-of-a-kind engagement that is customized to each player. They are always working on making a space that will stimulate your visual and auditory senses.

You may be thinking of RPG, sports, or action games but let’s not forget about gambling and how VR has influenced the whole casino experience.

The main goal is to bring the atmosphere of a casino setting to you, which is convenient for the time of social distancing. You get interactive table games where you can engage with real-time players and dealers, try out different slot machine games in various settings and enjoy the sounds of casino space. If virtual reality is developing, we can predict the same for casino games. The number of people buying VR gear is growing as well as the interest to play slots or roulette virtually.

Play-To-Earn Gaming

Gaming has been a free time activity for people who enjoy virtual worlds. Back in the day everything was about pay-to-play. The main way to earn money from this hobby is by being involved in eSport competitions which surely requires top skills and experience in playing.

This has been changing rapidly by introducing cryptocurrency and NFT into the story. Many gaming companies are investing in blockchain technology and figuring out how to make games an attraction to earn, not money but virtual property. When talking about NFT (non-fungible token), acquiring it is based on how well you are doing in the game – how frequently you play and how advanced you are. NFT can be explained as an element of the game that you can own and resell such as a character, land, or skins. The whole process is done via blockchain technology. While some businesses are investing in this, many are taking their time and assume it is not going to last. We’ll see how the story unravels.

Retro Design

The last trend does not revolve around innovation but nostalgia. The 2D concept evokes memories for the 80s and 90s kids and designers recognized it. Going old school attracts more potential gamers and creates a brand new group of enthusiasts. Just think about the old Super Mario and how it evokes feel-good memories. Well, that is the whole point of recreating visual and audio elements recognizable for that era. The target customer is the one who wants to feel like a kid again and forget about all the responsibilities of adulthood. A couple of old-school video games to expect this year are a battle to save the planet Berserk Boy and a fighting game Blazing Strike.

The Takeaway

From the looks of it, we should expect big changes in the gaming industry. Developers are constantly working on upgrading and implementing new features. However, Metaverse is the big deal everyone is talking about and how it will revolutionize not only gaming but the way we live. Besides video games, the spectrum of gamers is evolving. The variety of genres brings new people to the table, making the industry open to everyone – people of different generations and cultures. So, if you haven’t had a game that fits your interest, the year 2022 is surely bringing it to you.

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