Bo Burnham’s “Inside,” A Pandemic Inspired Work?

Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham

The new American comedy-drama, Inside, by Bo Burnham, an American comedian, premiered on the online streaming channel, Netflix, on the 30th of May that fell on Sunday. It is to be noted that almost 90% of the drama was shot in the guest house from “Make Happy,” the last standup special of the comedian from the year 2016. “Inside” was written, shot, edited, and directed by Bo Burnham himself. All of this took place while he was in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. Owing to this, the drama is about “a coronavirus diary” with a hint of comedy. 

Bo Burnham’s Extraordinary Creativity

Bo Burnham in “Inside“, has made an effort to channel Howard Hughes from the “Vegas-era.” It involves several relatable themes like self-hatred, apocalypticism, depression, and the most prevalent, the culture of the digital world. The 30-year-old director makes the delivery of the opening lines as he shows off his beard that is straight out of quarantine. He can be seen sitting on his stool in nothing but his underwear. All this takes place in his guest house with no company and birdsongs as the background music. It is almost like the remarks of John Hodgman about the 11th of September with a little update in order to match the despair of the current world. 

Bo Burnham has carried out the role of a corporate consultant on the issues arising out of social interaction. He gives advice that involves asking questions about if one would go for Lyme Disease or Wheat Thins. However, the climax lies in the relationship of Bo Burnham with his work and the irrelevance of that during the time of the global crisis. Creating something without the presence of the audience provided him with a lot of opportunities to manipulate the structure according to his ideas. And the results are also visible.       

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