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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Retorted Back At His Dissapointed Fans

Kevin Durant, the player of the Brooklyn Nets, is busy dealing with the shots from the fans rather than scoring in the match. The...
Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci Is Sure That The Pandemic Phase Is Over In America

There has been news that after three long years, the U.S. might have a chance to move past the Covid-19 pandemic and this has...
Domestic Agenda

The Domestic Agenda Of Biden Is Hanging For A Long Time

The members of the White House at the beginning of this week started their initiative of reviving the domestic agenda and getting Joe Biden,...

Democrats’ Congressional Map Rejected By New York

On Wednesday, New York's highest court found that the Democrats violated the State Constitution by drawing new congressional and State Senate districts themselves, and...
Roger Ver

Roger Ver Says That Dogecoin Is Much Better Than Bitcoin

Roger Ver, one of bitcoin's early investors, believes Dogecoin (DOGE) offers some advantages over the main cryptocurrency. Roger Ver also backed Musk's decision to...