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The Batman

The Batman Trailer Promises Big

The Batman is one of the most famous characters in the DC universe. The character is very much popular among young and old. There...
ron watkins

Ron Watkins, Alleged Founder Of QAnon, Is Running For Congress

 The alleged founder of conspiracy theory site QAnon, Ron Watkins, has declared his candidature for the Arizona Congress. He posted details on Telegram, an...
scott ziegler

School Superintendent Scott Ziegler Apologizes And Resigns For Sexual Assault Case

The total mishandling of allegations of sexual attack in two Virginia schools has led to the resignation of a board member. The school superintendent,...
art acevedo

Art Acevedo Fired As Miami Police Chief

Art Acevedo was ousted as the police chief of Miami just 6 months after being sworn in. A four and half hour hearing conducted...
britney spears

Britney Spears Warns Family Of Hard Consequences Should She Even Open Up

A couple of weeks after Britney Spears won a big victory when a judge ruled that her father’s control over her life was ‘toxic,’...