House Speaker Pelosi Introduces Lin-Manuel Miranda For Performance By Hamilton Cast On January 6 Anniversary

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set in motion the conversation surrounding the January 6 insurrection by introducing the Hamilton cast and Lin-Manuel Miranda. January 6 marks one of the darkest days in the history of the US and this year was a grim reminder when supports of ex-President Trump rioted their way to the Capitol and attempted to disrupt the electoral certification process.

The rioters violently clashed with police and other law enforcement officials, and effectively paralyzed the Capitol. Donald Trump and his band of close advisers effectively sat by and watched the horror unfold. An investigation is on to study the extent of their complicity leading up to the events.

Pelosi Spoke Of Being Inspired By Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Words

Pelosi introduces Lin-Manuel Miranda as among the great contemporary creative talents.

Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke of a new prospect of hope looking into the future, of renewed vigor to face up to the tasks lying ahead, and a fresh promise to protect and strengthen the foundation of democracy.

Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke of a future generation that bestows all American citizens with equity and fairness. He exhorted citizens not to take the liberties and rights given by the founding father as given and to remain devoted to moving ahead.

Miranda said that those are his words in Dear Theodosia from Hamilton. He said he believed in the philosophy that no challenge should force us to deviate from our path of uniting all Americans. He said the generation should strive to achieve that goal.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s heartfelt speech was followed by a rousing rendering of the song by cast members of Hamilton. The strong lyrics of the song which speaks of a strong foundation for a future generation was rousing.

The performance gave way to a discussion between Carla Hayden and historians Jon Meacham and Doris Kearns Goodwin. Both placed the attack on January 6 and the present political divide alongside other defining moments in the nation’s history.