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Stimulus Check

States Move Ahead With Stimulus Checks 2022: How Much Could You Get?

The pandemic caused economic havoc across the world and the US was among the worst affected. And more than two years down the line,...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Calls Up Unnamed Witness At January 6 Hearings: Liz Cheney

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, part of the Select Committee looking into the January 6 riots in the Capitol, said that the Committee received information...
Burn Pit Legislation

Burn Pit Legislation To Help Veterans Expand Health Benefits For Burn Pit Exposure

The House passed a vital bill that will make it possible for veterans exposed to open air burn pits during the Iraq and Afghanistan...
Josh Hawley

Transphobic Republican Senator Josh Hawley From Missouri Exposed By Berkeley Law Prof. Khiara Bridges

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was given a lesson in gender classification and also who can become pregnant at a Senate meeting on abortion on...
Stimulus Check

Majority Of Residents Of Indiana Will Receive A $125 Stimulus Check With $225 More...

Taxpayers in Indiana can expect a one-off $125 stimulus check called the Automatic Taxpayer Fund. A second payment could also be close behind. Governor...