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Bader Shammas

Bader Shammas- The Mysterious Fiancee Of Lindsay Lohan

Last Sunday saw Lindsay Lohan announce that she had been recently engaged to her beau Bader Shammas. She went on to post a couple...
Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers Have Reached A Deal With Marcus Semien

Texas Rangers and infielder Marcus Semien have come to an agreement on a contract for seven years- according to sources familiar with the deal....
Yahoo Finance Canada Editor's Edition: There isn't just one type of real estate investor

Yahoo Finance Canada Editor’s Edition: There isn’t just one type of real estate investor

Investors are scooping up more real estate than any other type of buyer in Canada, including first-time home buyers. "A sudden influx of investors...
John Madden

John Madden Has Nothing But Praise For Michigan Offensive Line

While Jim Harbaugh got a lot of praise after Michigan’s upset with Ohio State, it was John Madden’s text message which elevated the mood....
Manchester City

Manchester City On A Roll

Manchester City is looking like a true champion side. They are the team to beat this season. The team looks to get stronger with...