Taika Waititi “Sandwiched” Between Tessa Thompson, Rita Ora

taika waititi
taika waititi

Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora are not usually separated by much except, apparently, Taika Watiti. The three were spotted by a photographer on Sunday in Sidney being quite intimate,

A Flower In Each Arm For Taika Waititi

The crooner from “How We Do (Party)” and the actress of “Westworld” fame were seen on either side of Taika Waititi, the writer-director who has won an Oscar. A session of drinking was taking place on the Sydney balcony.

A report by Daily Mail says that the pictures were snapped after a party lasting the whole night was held at the home of Taika Waititi. In a few images, Rita Ora can be seen planting several kisses on Waititi, her boyfriend. In a different picture, she is sitting with her face close to Thompson’s while Tessa used Ora’s lap to rest her legs. Waititi can be seen leaning back and wrapping Tessa’s leg in his arm. The actress was also holding his arm. Ora, conveniently, was looking away.

Thompson is current in Australia as the filming for the third installment of the superhero series Thor is underway. The film is being directed by Taika Waititi. In the film, she will be playing Valkyrie which she had played in Thor 2 in 2017. Thompson had admitted to being attracted to both women and men in 2018. However, she refused to be labeled “bisexual.”

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi had made their relationship public in April of this year. They had shown up to a premiere at the Opera House of Sydney. Waititi is the father of two daughters with Chelsea Winstanley, a director, and New Zealander. Ora had relationships with Andrew Wyatt and Calvin Harris.

Thor 3 is Waititi’s second film since the critically acclaimed “JoJo Rabbit” in 2019. He had won the Award for Screenplay that was Adapted Best in the Oscars.   

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