Billboard Music Awards: The Unmissable Moments

billboard music awards
billboard music awards

This years’ Billboard Music Awards had quite a few iconic moments. Among them are Pink & Willow’s duet and the orange shirt of Joe Jonas. Read on to find out the best of these moments.

The Audience Was Hyped For The Billboard Music Awards

Migos, DJ Khaled, and H. E. R. started the show outside the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. They performed “We Going Crazy” in front of a thrilled audience. After almost an entire year without any live music, the masked crowd’s energy at the Billboard Music Awards was a treat.

Alicia Keys also had a treat for the audience. She toured the numerous pianos and keyboards spread across the stage. She had a different key set for every song she performed in the Billboard Music Awards.

Pink received the icon award for this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Bon Jovi introduced the long-time friend by revealing a one-of-a-kind gift. Pink had admitted that Bon Jovi was her childhood crush and was very sad when she got to know that he had a wife. So Bon Jovi sent her a huge flower arrangement and one pair of leather pants. He wrote as a joke that she could finally get into his pants now.

Pink and Willow, her daughter also lit the stage on fire in the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. Willow, 9, wowed the viewers with an amazing acrobatic duet performance with her mother.

BTS may not have been able to come to the stage live, but their pre-recorded clip was greeted with just as much excitement. The audience was taken to Seoul as the hit “Butter” was performed. The sensational K-Pop group also received a host of awards that included: top sales as a song artist, top group/duo, top fan-voted social artist, and the top song sold in “Dynamite.”

The show’s final event was Joe Jonas in a tangerine shirt accompanied by Kevin and Nick.