Talan Torriero Quoted Taylor Swift After Lauren Conrad Cofessed About Them Hooking Up

Talan Torriero

The erstwhile MTV star Talan Torriero lip-synced, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me,” joining a trendy TikTok craze and cheekily asserting his major role in an uncensored Laguna love triangle.

Longtime fans of Laguna Beach continue to receive gifts from the show since they were recently given to a delicious hookup revelation almost twenty years later.

The girl next door from the MTV reality tv series Lauren Conrad rejoined former on-air rivals Kristin and Stephen on their Back to the Beach podcast previously to dispel some myths surrounding the 2004–2006 series.

On the show, Cavallari and Conard were depicted as rivals for Colletti’s affection, but the women admitted on Tuesday’s show that they had been actually “hooking up” with Talon Torriero, another cast member, when the 1st season of the tv series was being filmed.

Talan Torriero Quoted Taylor Swift:

Cavalleri, 35 said that the producers of the show were around them from different directions and Talan Torriero tried to take up the responsibility to be the person. She said that is what she loved about him.

Conard said how everyone wanted Stephen but she was getting close with Talan Torriero. While Cavallari joined in stating that she was too.

Talan Torriero, 36, went to TikTok to capitalize on a viral meme after learning he had been mentioned in the podcast. He posted a picture of his buddies while lip-syncing the instantly recognizable lines to Taylor Swift’s song “Anti-Hero,” “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.”

Conrad also said that she was dating other men while she was a Laguna Beach student in addition to Torriero.

In the podcast, Conard revealed that she was having several boyfriends back then. She said that although she does feel bad about those guys if they are listening or watching this episode now.

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