Tampa Bay Buccaneers On A Quest To Defend Their Super Bowl LV Title

Tampa Bay

The team from Tampa Bay is on a quest to defend their title with QB Tom Brady putting the Bucs up by 7 over the Cowboys.

The game saw only 5:27 remain in the first quarter when the Bucs were leading but the Cowboys had an answer for it.

How Tampa Bay Fared Against The Cowboys

This was Dak Prescott’s first game in a long time. Prescott managed to complete all 7 passes to 5 different players on the second drive. He also culminated a 22-yard TD pass to CeeDee Lamb. Lamb beat Murphy-Bunting with a double move and tied the game at 7-all.

Brady made a fake hand-off to RB Fournette and found Godwin inside for a TD for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The TD was made on a drive which went 94 yards on 9 plays in total.

Prescott found Gallup 3 times, Pollard twice, and Jarwin once as he split the Tampa Bay defense open before he found Lamb. Zack Martin is on the COVID list but the Cowboys were not afraid to attack the Buccaneer’s defense. Martin is one of their best offensive linesmen.

Prescott played a slant to Gallup and showed off his arm. He also showed off his leg game while sprinting out to Gallup and played a waggle to Jarwin. The TD pass showed how he can push the ball down the field without any issues.

Prescott played a pass to Lamb under duress when none of his 9 passes last season (which lead to TDs) came when pressurized. 

The final part of the game saw 1 play left and 2 seconds on the board when the Cowboys could not do anything about it.

Tampa Bay won 31-29 and Tom Brady is currently at 6-0 against the Cowboys. 

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