Tan France Is Obsessed With His Newborn Son

tan france
tan france

Tan France, the French tuck connoisseur, and well-known fashion designer is obsessed with his newly-born infant. The fashion designer went on Instagram to welcome his son, Ismail, on Monday- where he posted a picture of the family (which includes his husband Rob France) holding the infant. The caption stated that their son was born on the 10th of July, and being 7 weeks early- had to be in NICU for the last three weeks. But now, the couple finally got to bring him home. 

Tan France ‘Overjoyed’ With The Birth of His Son

Tan France further commented on how obsessed the couple was with the baby boy, with the fashion designer adding that the surrogate they had chosen was also doing amazingly well post-delivery. Needless to say, they were grateful to her. The cast of ‘Queer Eye’ of which France is a part, was definitely quick to rally around him in the comments section of Instagram.

The wine and food expert of the show, Antoni Porowski, stated that he was overjoyed for France. Bobby Berk, the interior designer, went on to comment that he was extremely happy for the fashion designer. Also, he was happy for their family- as it was obvious that the child was going to bring immense joy and happiness to the couple. 

Also included in the joy was Jonathan Van Ness, the nonbinary styling guru who, interestingly, already knew about the secret that Tan France was keeping- which was his wedding to Rob France. The celebrity commented that they were very happy with the fashion designer. Incidentally, the entire process wasn’t without its critics. When the France family was choosing their surrogate mother, they apparently came across people who misunderstood what surrogacy entailed. They believed that babies should only be conceived through natural means. 

As it stands, Tan France and his family aren’t the only ones to be navigating through surrogacy. There have been several other celebrities who have used surrogacy in the past like Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis, and most famously- the Kardashians.