Stimulus Check Update: 10 Million Americans Can Still Apply For Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A recent government study shows millions of citizens of America were aided thrice by stimulus checks at the time of the pandemic, however up to 10 million recipients are waiting to receive their funds.

The Government Accountability Office disclosed on Tuesday that 165 million citizens of America were qualified for stimulus checks, which included $931 billion in direct payments. The IRS used to return the tax to make eligibility assessments and payments to be delivered to families and particular citizens, delivering the checks to home addresses or deposited into bank accounts.

  The GAO stated that during the epidemic, Treasury as well as the IRS had trouble getting COVID- relief funds to some citizens with incomes comparatively, inadequate access to, or without a place to stay.

The families of 9 million citizens who qualify for assistance will receive letters from the IRS, and the free file program will remain open until November 17. With Free File, individuals with approximate incomes of $73000 or less can use third-party tax preparers like 1040Now or TaxAct to submit their returns online for free.

Time For Stimulus Check

Those who missed stimulus checks still have time. The GAO also stated to the citizens that people who have less or almost no source of income are exempted from taxpayers, and have time till November 15 to submit simplified tax returns to receive benefits. Parents still can apply for the Child Tax Credit till the 15th of November. However, the credit limit is $3600.

The website for IRS for “Economic Impact Payment” has various steps to guide people filing a claim for a missed stimulus check. The website is where parents can submit claims for any unclaimed Child Tax Credits from 2021.

Those people who skipped the deadline of 15th April tax filing have the limit of 17th October for claiming missed stimulus payments and Child Tax Credits starting 2021, unless there are further extensions of date by the IRS on request.