Tax Extension 2023: How to Ask For More Time To File Taxes

Tax extension

The unwary taxpayer may not notice the approaching tax deadline in time. Taxes for the majority of Americans are due on 18th April 2023, so even if it seems as if the IRS has just begun taking tax statements, your chance for the year is nearly up.

You should seek a tax augmentation to offer yourself an additional six months if you are unable to submit your income taxes by the deadline next week. Online tax preparation programs can help you in filing for an extension of tax as well as finish your tax return.

How To Ask For A Tax Extension 

In case you intend to pursue an extension for taxes this year, you must file the 4868 Form for the IRS via paper by the deadline of April 18 or online using an e-file. Keep in mind that even if you’re filing for a tax extension, you’ll still need to pay the whole or a portion of your calculated 

revenue tax due by any mode of payment, credit or debit card, the EFT payment system, or Direct Pay. American residents who reside abroad have until 15th June to submit their applications.

How To File Return Tax Extension For 2022

As per the IRS, people may file their tax extension returns and set up their payments online, over the phone, or through the IRS2Go smartphone app. Finding a Feds-free filing provider is simple if one needs to discover tax software and make above $73,000 or below each year. You must compile the following details: income declarations (1099s or W2s); any income changes; your current status of reporting (married, single, or filing collectively); and information about dependents. 

If you request an extension, would your tax deduction be delayed? Yes. Depending on when you file, the processing period for your income tax return may vary.

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