At The Stacey-Florian Wedding, Darcey Silva Excommunicates Her Ex-Boyfriend: Says She Does Not Need Him

Darcey Silva

In the Darcey & Stacey season finale, the two titular characters began new stories of their lives.

Stacey was pleased that her child Matteo could attend the ceremony after having returned from college. Her would-be husband Florian asked her son if he will be his best man for the special day after they spent time together at a corn maze, and Matteo accepted.

Matteo says that he remembers Florian for a significant amount of time in his life and recalled meeting him when he was around 12 years old. He says that although he felt a little hesitant initially, he appreciated the fact that Florian never attempted to take his mother’s advantage. 

Darcey Silva On Having Georgi At The Wedding 

However, sister Darcey Silva’s ex-lover Georgi Rusev was not welcomed with open arms when he appeared for the rehearsal of the wedding. Upon this event, Darcy Silva commented about how difficult, unpleasant, and awkward it was to have Georgi there. She further mentioned that all she wanted was to avoid drama and for everything to go smoothly, for the sake of her sister. Thus, she decided that she was going to remain her composure and ignore Georgi

Once again, Florian sparked drama between Darcey Silva and her ex by revealing at the pre-wedding party that ex-lover Georgi was going to be another one of his best men! Upon hearing this, Darcey Silva expressed her shock as she thought Georgi was only a guest and she, as the Maid of Honor, would be walking alone. Florian later explained that he had to include Georgi as he was almost his family and that Darcey Silva had to be understanding towards it.

A lot of drama was sparked when it had been revealed that Georgi still had feelings for Daecey Silva which grew stronger after they hooked up in Miami a couple of weeks before the wedding. The incident affected Darcey a lot, however, the two, at last, agreed to peacefully play their respective roles at the wedding.