Taylor Swift Unites With Bestie Selena Gomez Before Her ‘All Too Well’ Performance

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift remain BFFs. Swift shared a TikTok video where both are seen lip-syncing to an amusing video, earlier posted on the app. Swift was seated on a backstage couch at Saturday Night Live as she was present as a guest at the episode hosted by Jonathan Majors. The Grammy winner is seen living it up with Gomez.

The singer of ‘All Too Well’ joined TikTok in August this year. Swift had posted earlier clips including her first and had moved through the times to her recent works that included themed outfits.

Swift made sure to mention her close pal as she appeared on The Tonight Show last Thursday while promoting her new album Red (the Taylor Swift version), as she played the game of Box of Lies along with Jimmy Fallon, the host.

Taylor Swift told Fallon that she picked a DVD of Wizards Of Waverly Place as her turn to guess when her turn came up. During the game, Taylor Swift and Fallon picked up the mystery boxes by turn, while asking each other to tell if the other was being honest about the content.

Taylor Swift Vows To Do Anything For Selena Gomez, Her Close Friend

Taylor Swift admitted that she was lying about the DVD, though Fallon had thought that she was telling the truth. Swift said that she had binoculars. Swift declared that she would do whatever it takes to mention her dear pal, Gomez. She repeated the word, ‘anything.’

Swift and Selena Gomez have been close friends for over a decade and first met during an interview. Gomes had earlier revealed that they had been dating the Jonas brothers. She had dated Nick, while Taylor Swift had an affair with Joe Jonas.

Gomez said that Swift had been the girl with long curly hair, cowboy boots, and bracelets. It was the best of relationships, she says.

Swift says that she had watched Gomez from up close and had seen much happen in her life. She said she was proud of Gomez. Taylor said that she was at her best now and that was something that makes her proud.