Teachers In Arkansas Are Going To Get Stimulus Check Worth $1500

Stimulus Check
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Some teachers in the Arkansas state are going to get an early Christmas gift as the public school has announced stimulus check worth $1500 for them.

As per the Washington Examiner newspaper, some eligible teachers and teaching staffs are going to get the early gift from Santa of Stimulus check payments from the Fort Smith School District school’s disaster control funds for the COVID-19 epidemic in this holiday season.

The chief financial officer of the public school, Mr. Charles Warren has sent out a mail to the staffs of the school where he has outlined the eligibility criteria of the stimulus check payment. In the mentioned email, the officer has mentioned that the qualified staffs will be the teachers of the classroom, and some other certified staffs of the department including the instruction specialists, interventionists, adult education teachers and the special education coordinators.

However, the mail doesn’t mention such payments for the nursing staffs and other staffs of the school so they are probably not eligible for these payments.

Teachers Of Arkansas Are In For A Stimulus Check Treat:

The payments of these stimulus checks will be sent out from the emergency relief fund budget put aside for the federal secondary and elementary school. You should also note that the teachers of the said public school of Arkansas will get a pay rise that will be approx 3.5k USD.

The stimulus check payments for the teachers of the district school were deposited on 15th of December. After inflation rising to 7.1% in the recent market, many families in the United States, especially in Arkansas were fighting to make the ends meet while living from one paycheck to the other. Thus, this help will be considerably appreciated for these teachers and the other eligible staffs.