Ted Cruz Gets Complaints About Racist Voting Laws

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is the Senate representative for Texas. He got a complaint on Wednesday regarding the voter ID law of Texas. A law official termed the laws as racist. The senator appeared for a hearing on the topic of voting rights restoration. There were five witnesses present at the scene.

Cruz asked each of the witnesses to have their say. He specifically asked them whether they felt the laws were racist or not. That is when a professor of law clarified her stand. She termed the laws of Texas voter ID as racist. Let us learn more about the matter in detail below. 

Ted Cruz Questioned About Texas Voting Law

Franita Tolson is a professor at the law university of Southern California. She was one of the five witnesses that appeared at the hearing about the restoration of Texas voting acts. She complained to Ted Cruz that she felt the laws were racist. She stated that all laws of voter ID were not the same. When asked by Cruz, the professor specified the name of Texas. 

Tolson said that the laws were implanted to suppress Latin supremacy. When countered by Ted, she went on to give some examples. She exemplified a sentence passed by a judge in the court of law in 2017. The judge stated that the laws were discriminatory towards Hispanic and Blacks. This was done because the Black citizens were most unlikely to possess a vehicle and photographic identification.

Texas is renowned for its laws of voting. It is considered one of the strictest voting laws in the entire country. Ted Cruz was approached by various news channels. However, no official statement has been issued by Ted. A bill was proposed that stressed enabling all the citizens to get their voter ID cards. 

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