House Democrats Have Passed 1.9 Trillion Dollars Covid-19 Relief By Biden


The House Democrats have approved of President Joe Biden’s stimulus plan for the Covid-19 fund relief. The package is 1.9 trillion dollars. In the early hours of Saturday, the approval was given, and they forwarded to the Senate. The GOP unanimously opposed the advancement of the bill, a humongous relief package. It is to restore and stabilize the economy of the United States as well as to boost the vaccines for the coronavirus testings. It was passed with 219/212. 

The legislation was the first agenda by President Joe Biden just hours after he joined office. There was a partisan outcome that seemed striking, as it was right after the president’s first monthly anniversary for taking office. He had called for unity and bipartisanship. Only 2 Democrats had voted in favor. There was a day-long debate, while the voting closed around 2 am on Saturday. The Dems and the Reps had a heated discussion before the final votes. The latter argued that this was a much-needed legislature for the country. But the former kept saying that the bill was a boondoggle to partisanship. 

Democrats Will Face Even Bigger Tests

The parliamentarian in the Senate said that the minimum wage of 15 dollars might not be permitted as per the Senate rules. This resulted in the hotly debated action. The Democrats in the House have still included it. Yet, it remains uncertain how these issues will be resolved. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, pledged that whether the Senate reduced the minimum wage, or not they will pass the revised version to Joe Biden. And he will sign it. 

Pelosi said that the sooner this bill will be signed, the sooner there will be progress on what this legislation is all about.