Stimulus Check Updates: Struggling Congress Attempts To Avoid Shutdown

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

As the probability of stimulus check nears, a stopgap bill of two days was passed by Congress on Friday night as they wanted to avoid a government shutdown.

They also wanted to avoid buying additional time for slow frustrating negotiations on the $1 trillion coronavirus relief economic package. The talks were on track but closing on the final disagreements proved very difficult, according to both of the sides. The House approved the funding bill through votes of 320-60. The Senate sent the bill to President Trump after approving the bill by voice votes. The House got adjourned on Friday evening after passing this stopgap measure containing a stimulus check.

Stimulus Check Status Amidst Stopgap Measures

Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader stated that negotiators are working on reaching an agreement. There is going to be no votes in the House on Saturday as the anticipated vote is at 1 p.m Sunday.Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, Senate said that he is more optimistic than he was in the last night, however Democrats one campaign for blocking efforts from Republicans for reigning in the emergency lending powers of the Federal Reserve.

The proposal of the GOP regarding stimulus check would leave President-elect Biden with only a few tools for managing the economy. John Thune, Republican, South Dakota said that believing that this deal could be completed by Friday will be a victory over the experience of hope.

The government funding was going to get lapsed at midnight and a low-impact, partial shutdown would have ensued if Congress failed to pass this spending stopgap bill. All federal essential workers will do their job and many government offices will remain closed this weekend anyway.

There was a key breakthrough earlier this week when the Democrats agreed on dropping their $160 billion local and state government relief package.McConnell also abandoned one of his key priorities: liability protections for universities and businesses fearing coronavirus lawsuits.