Tenet Healthcare’s Stock Worth $14,670,319.72 Sold By Major Investor

Tenet Health care
Tenet Healthcare

Glenview Capital Ltd. a major investor or buyer of Tenet Healthcare put up for sale 360,716 shares, the total price of which was $$14,670,319.72 with an average of $40.67. Further Glenview put up for sale 50,000 Tenet shares at a price that amounted to $20,345,000.00 with an average of $40.69. The firm possesses a debt-equity proportion which is 24.85 and a recent proportion which is 1.42. Their shares have a market holding of $4.6 billion, a 4.5 PEG proportion and a 2.41 beta.

The company had a good payback on equity percentage and a dismissive net profit of 0.28%. Their earning had decreased to 0.2% in comparison to last year’s quarter. During the said time in the last year, the company raked in $0.58 with every share.

Tenet Healthcare’s Profits and Services:

Tenet Healthcare published earnings of $0.64 and going over the agreed estimate of $0.31 to $0.37. Their revenue of $4.56 billion exceeded the analysts’ prediction. The analysts also expect Tenet to publish 3.97 EPS for the upcoming year.

PNC Financial Company bought 2,052 Tenet’s stock whose price is $37,000 post buying an extra 787 shares in the previous quarter. The Macquarie Group bought 4,594 units of stock whose price is $83,000 post purchasing 794 shares in the previous quarter.

Several brokerages published reports on Tenet. Some firms raised the company to a ‘buy’ rating. The organization has an agreed ‘hold’ rating along with a standard rate of $34.75. 

Tenet Healthcare functions as a varied healthcare service provider. The company functions on the basis of three parts: Hospital Services and Other, Mobile Care, among others. The general hospitals provide critical care services, working and recuperation cabins, radiology and other treatment administrations, clinical labs, and drug stores.


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